What Most Companies Call Upgrades, We call Standard!!

■Complete Stainless Package!! Including All U-Bolts!
■Cypress Bunks with Marine Grade Carpet!! Last A Lifetime!
■Silver Cad Kodiak Disc Brakes
■Aluminum I Beam Construction 
■Accu-Lube Bearing Protection 
■Galvanized Torsion Axles 
■Posi-Lube System 
■Galvanized Wheels 
■Fully Adjustable Bunks 
■Durable Diamond Plate Fenders 
■Guide-Ons with PVC 
■Front Center Bunks 
■Galvanized Winch Stand 
■Heavy Duty Winch with Poly Bell Stop 
■Heavy Duty Yellow Strap 
■Submersible Lights 
■Tongue Jack with Caster Wheel 
■Cypress Bunks with Marine Carpet 
■Heavy Duty Aluminum Cross Braces